Press Release: ICRT Brings More Community and Variety to Taiwan Airwaves

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For over three decades, International Community Radio Taipei (ICRT) has been a Taiwan market leader — and the listeners’ number-one choice for the best Western music, as well as entertainment, domestic and global news, community announcements, and public service.

Starting Monday January 14, 2013, ICRT is reaffirming its commitment to serving the community, both local and international.  Listeners will get more of their favorite DJs, more realtime reporting on what’s happening in Taiwan, more top-notch programming from leading broadcasters from around the world, and more special programs designed to serve the needs of our listeners, from learning English to better understanding life in Taiwan.  More of everything our listeners value!

Every morning, we’ll start the workday with the top news from Taiwan and around the world, plus special interviews with local newsmakers and commentators, as well as updates from the region, including Taichung, Tainan, Kaohsiung and Hong Kong.  Then, starting from 8am to 8pm, ICRT DJs Terry Engel, Vicki Lin and Joseph Lin will be your on-air hosts, providing outstanding music, entertainment, trivia, interviews with local and visiting celebrities, on-air games, listener call-outs and requests, and non-stop listening pleasure.  The fun will only be interrupted with regular top-of-the-hour news updates, as well as extended newscasts at lunch and dinner time, to recap what you’ve missed while busy at the office.

If that’s not enough, ICRT is also teaming up with the BBC, VOA, Deutsch Welle, and other world-renowned content providers to bring local listeners unique news and informational programming, music shows featuring tracks from the Americas, Europe, Africa, Asia, and Oceania, as well as classic rock and pop hits.

This is only a first step for ICRT.  As we move forward into the Year of the Snake, we will also be introducing new programming designed to help listeners improve their English, as well as new topical programming on travel and education.

ICRT FM 100 is a non-profit broadcaster serving Taiwan since 1979.  Operated by the Taipei International Community Cultural Foundation (TICCF), ICRT does not receive any public funding, and is instead supported through the generosity of our advertisers.  ICRT FM 100 broadcasts island-wide, with transmitters in Taipei, Sanyi, Jiayi and Kaohsiung.

ICRT’s mission is to serve the international community in Taiwan, and act as a bridge to the local community.  This is a mission we have faithfully executed for 34 years.  ICRT provides realtime updates on what’s happening in Taiwan, reports on emergencies affecting our audience, community announcements and interviews, as well as helping to bring the world to Taiwan.  We are committed to continuing our mission, and welcome any comments or suggestions.  Please visit for more information on our programming, or to leave a comment.

Contact Person:
Timothy Berge
General Manager, ICRT
[email protected]
8522-7733 ext 126






聽眾起床最重要的事,就是收聽ICRT播報的國際與台灣的即時新聞;ICRT將和台中、台南、高雄,香港的駐地記者以及評論員連線對談當地新鮮事,陪伴聽眾度過每個早晨。上午八時到下午八時,ICRT的DJ Terry, Vicki和Joseph將不停歇的為聽眾播放好音樂以及暢談娛樂新聞,同時提供完善的生活資訊。每小時的整點新聞也會穿插在節目中。除此之外,擔心聽眾因為忙碌的工作錯過了新聞大小事,ICRT還體貼的為聽眾新增午餐和晚餐時段的新聞播報。



ICRT 的前身是美軍電台,但從一九七九年開始,即屬非營利廣播機構,由台北國際社區文化基金會營運;在台北、三義、嘉義和高雄的發射台,讓全台都能收聽到ICRT的優質節目。






Timothy Berge白健文

ICRT總經理 [email protected]

02-8522-7733 ext 126