Making Canadians in Taiwan

1. Dim the lights and turn on the music. Barry White is good, but YMMV.

2.  ~Ahem~

3. Wait nine months.

4. Once bun is out of oven, get an English Birth Certificate from the hospital.

5. Go to the Canadian Trade Office in Taipei. Their address is No. 1 Sōngzhì Road Road, 6F, Xìnyì District, Taipei 11047, Taiwan, and their telephone number is (02) 8723-3000. They’re open from 8:15am to 12:00 pm , and 12:30pm to 5pm, Monday to Thursday, and 8:15am to 12:45pm on Friday. The Consular Section is open to the public from 9 am to 11:30 am, Monday to Friday.  They’re right across from the Eslite Book Store, very close to the Taipei City Hall MRT Station. They’re right across from the Eslite Book Store, very close to the Taipei City Hall MRT Station.

At the Canadian Trade Office pick up a Child Passport Application (for Canadians under 16 years of age) and an application for Canadian Citizenship Certificate.  All applications must be made in person.

In situations where a newborn is born (maximum two years old or younger) abroad to a Canadian Parent(s) and the child does not yet have acceptable proof of Canadian citizenship, the applicant must submit an application for a Canadian Citizenship Card prior to applying for the child’s Canadian passport.

In situations where urgent travel plans have already been made, applicants may make an application for their child’s Canadian passport (a limited validity passport may be considered) and the Canadian Citizenship Certificate concurrently. Proof of travel, which indicates the urgency for prompt passport issuance must be submitted. In order to avoid any unforeseen inconveniences we recommend that parents apply for the child’s citizenship card as soon as possible, and apply for the child’s passport only after receiving the child’s citizenship card.

NOTE: Passport applications for children over 2 years of age who still do not yet have proof of Canadian Citizenship will be considered on a case by case basis, with no guarantee of service.

The passport takes 15 working days to process, and the citizenship takes up to 13 months, although they say recently many applications have been processed in as little as 6 to 7 months.  The application processing time is counted from the date that all the required documentation and information are received by CTOT .

6.For the child’s passport application you will need to fill out the pertinent details on the application form, and you will also have to have a guarantor – someone “who can confirm the child’s identity and has knowledge of the child.” The guarantor must perform Free of Charge the following two tasks:

a)Certify the information on the application form

b)Write on the back of ONE of the child’s photos, “I certify this to be a true likeness of (child’s name), and sign.

The guarantor must:

be available to Passport Canada for verification;

have known you (the applicant) personally for at least TWO years,

have known you and the child well enough to be confident that the statements you have made in the application form are true;

live within the district of the passport issuing office;

sign the “Declaration of Guarantor section on the application form;

sign the statement on the back of ONE of the photos; and

be included in ONE of the following groups:

– dentist, medical doctor

– judge, magistrate, police officer

– mayor

– notary public

– practising lawyer, notary

– signing officer of a bank

If you have not known an eligible guarantor for at least two years, you must complete a “Declaration in Lieu of Guarantor” form PPT 132, available from any passport issuing office.This form must be completed at your expense before a person authorized by law to administer an oath or solemn affirmation. This may delay the issuing time of the passport, and I got the impression that they really don’t like having to go this route, so try to find a guarantor.

7. The child’s passport application also requires two photos, 50 mm wide and 70 mm long. The length from chin to crown of head must be 31 to 36 mm. The child’s Canadian Citizenship Certificate application requires 4 photos, and they have to be 35 mm wide and 53 mm long. The length from chin to crown of head must be 25 to 35 mm, with a plain white signature strip (no more than 10mm and no less than 6mm deep) at the bottom of the photo.

8. For the child’s Canadian Citizenship Certificate application you should also provide:

– both parents’ passports

– proof of the Canadian parent(s)’ citizenship ie: a Canadian birth certificate or a Canadian Citizenship Certificate. They have to see ORIGINAL documents, photocopies will not be accepted.

– the original marriage certificate of the child’s parents, if available.

– the child’s original, official, birth certificate, which shows the child’s personal birth details and indicates the full names of the natural parents. If this document is not in English or French, you have to arrange to have the certifcate translated by a licensed or notarized translator before it will be accepted by the Registrar of Canadian Citizenship for processing.

9. The current cost of a two year passport for a child is $550NT, and the Canadian Citizenship Certificate is $2100NT.

10. It’s also required to bring the baby there in person so that they can verify that she is the child in the photographs.

This article was first published on September 2011