Typhoon Maria (latest updates)

Status as of June 11, 12:00

The storm was already downgraded during the night and no longer poses a threat to Taiwan.

Status as of June 10, 23:30

if you live in the north of Taiwan you have surely already noticed the arrival of the typhoon!

Here are the latest updates regarding work/school closures.

While Keelung City and Taipei City have announced that work and schools will remain open tomorrow, New Taipei City (the city surrounding central Taipei), Yilan, Hsinchu and Miaoli are calling it a day off.

Other parts of Taiwan currently announced no closures.
Please check https://taiwaneasy.tw/typhoon for the latest status.

If you live in New Taipei City and work in Taipei City will you have to go to work?

The answer is “no” according to this note of the Ministry of Labor:
(Unfortunately not available in English to us)
Major Ko said so as well:

If you enter a dispute with your employer we suggest you send them this link!

Whatever you do, remember, its safety first!
The typhoon should be gone by tomorrow night.