The 2017 typhoon season in Taiwan

In May this year, Tropical Storm Risk, which is a leading resource for global typhoon forecasting and mapping located at the University College London (U.K.) , issued their first forecast (pdf) for the 2017 Pacific typhoon season. Their prediction was that there will be activity slightly above the norm.  In July however, the same research institute issued a new forecast (pdf) that the activity will be below ‘norm’ for the 2017 season based on 1965-2016 Climatology data. Taiwan’s Central Weather Bureau predicted a normal season with 21 to 25 storms. We are still waiting to see a typhoon this year in Taiwan!

Temperatures have been soaring to as high as 38 degrees Celsius in Taipei on July 19 due to a high pressure systems over the Pacific Ocean. Currently all active storm systems seem to stay away from Taiwan. So remember to stay hydrated and avoid too much time in the sun as the UV index can reach extreme levels in Taiwan during July and August.

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Forecast of July 23, 2017: © Tropical Storm Risk (UCL)

Forecast of July 23, 2017: © Central Weather Bureau.