Local man named after salad fork

ZHONGHE Chen Gen-hui, 21, prefers that his friends and family call him “Stainless Japan” after discovering how “cool” the words appeared on the back of a fork he happened to be eating with at an expensive restaurant in Taipei’s suburb of Zhonghe.

Chen asked his friend Wang Wei-wen, also 21, whether the name was suitably English. Wang spent several months studying in the US last year. “Sure, that’s fine. That’s a good name,” Wang reportedly said, before hurrying away from the table.

Chen’s parents are thrilled to find their son finally taking some interest in international matters. “It’s about time Stainless took a more mature few of the world,” said his father, who has been urging his son to get a job with a global business firm.

“Now, maybe foreigners will take him seriously,” he said, adding that people from abroad seemed to appreciate it when he introduced himself by his own English name, “Brad”.

This article first appeared in Taiwnease magazine in September 2006