The Beauty of Taiwan (Time-Lapse Video)

By DiscoverFormosa

The island of Taiwan is often overlooked and is seldom appreciated as a place of beauty and mystique, but after exploring it on a 2000 km journey, from sea level to the staggering height of 3275 m at below zero temperatures and travelling the expanse of the entire island ranging from the very northern coast, down to the very southern tip. 40,000 photos later and 10 days of post-production; we present: “The Beauty of Taiwan”. Within this 4k time-lapse video are just a few moments from this breathtaking island.

DiscoverFormosa is both a tribute and a dedication to the beautiful island of Taiwan. The Original Portuguese name for Taiwan is Ilha Formosa (meaning beautiful island) and aptly describes this vibrant land in all its amazing diversity.a is both a trib